Can I legally own a silencer or short barrel rifle in Georgia?  YES!

We are an authorized Class III dealer and offer offer a variety of Class III services.  We carry a full line of silencers, short barrel rifles, short barrel shotguns, and transferable machine guns from manufacturers like Advanced Armament, SilencerCo, LWRC, Remington, and more.


Not only are we a full Class III dealer but we are your one stop shop!  We will walk you though and assist you with the entire process including purchasing a gun trust in store and protecting your investment, notarizing the gun trust, completing the NFA paperwork and submitting it.  One of the benefits of purchasing your Class III item from us is that we also allow you to use your item while you are waiting for your stamp to come back.  Stop by today to get more information!

Are you looking for a Gun Trust?

We have them available for $199 (non members) or $169 (members).